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You can replace a nonfunctional light switch in a few minutes. But as with any electrical repairs, be sure to make safety your first concern.
Replacing a faulty dimmer switch involves just disconnecting and reconnecting two pairs of wires.
Replacing a broken doorbell button is similar to replacing a light switch. Follow these guidelines and you'll always know when someone's at your door.
Replacing a lamp's electrical cord is often easier and safer than repairing it. Repaired cords are more likely to have loose connections or bad splices, which can cause fires or shocks.
These directions apply generally to all ceiling-mounted fixtures. Having a helper on a second ladder makes this job a lot easier.
Soldering properly is a skill every electronics and computer hobbyist needs. Proper soldering appears deceptively simple, but it requires practice.
If you're replacing a light fixture or doing other electrical work on a circuit, or if an outlet is sparking or otherwise seems dangerous, turn off the power to that area of the house for safety.
The circuit breaker box or fuse box is the site that receives your main electrical services and regulates the flow of electricity into different parts of the house. If you're performing electrical mai...
When it comes to home repairs there are some things you should leave to the pros, but there are also things you don't need to spend money on a handyman for. Fixing a faulty electrical outlet is an exa...
Circuit breakers are designed to interrupt the power to a circuit and protect your wiring. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, the steps below will show you the right--and safe--way to fix it.
Your home's electrical system is complicated and can be hazardous with improperly handled renovations. Always look for an experienced and reliable professional when hiring an electrician.
Today's homes have more wiring and electrical components than ever before. Any new construction or major remodel should include comprehensive pre-wiring designed to suit your needs. Here are things to...
A broken doorbell doesn't mean visitors have to wear their knuckles out on your door. An inexpensive replacement and a few minutes of your time will put you back in the push-button age.
Instead of tossing out a lamp, appliance or extension cord with a damaged plug, follow these steps to replace the plug.
Diodes ensure that current flows in just one direction. Resistors control how much current flows through a circuit. Both are marked with colored stripes that mean nothing to a person who doesn't under...
As its name implies, a voltmeter measures voltage. Some models also measure ohms and amperage; these are called multimeters. Meters are available in analog and digital styles.
For your convenience and safety, frequently test and maintain your door and opener. Make any needed repairs immediately or deactivate the opener until you can.
All those electrical devices in your house require an unbroken supply of power from your utility company. Here are the basic tests you may need to conduct if you run into an interruption in power or a...
The next time someone turns on the hair dryer, microwave and toaster oven all at once and sends your house's circuits into a tizzy, be prepared. If you live in an older home with electrical circuits p...
If a light switch sparks or fails to work, if it makes too much noise or if you just want to change the color or style, swapping an old switch for a new one is easy. Spend the extra money for commerci...

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