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What germs, bacteria are lurking in your washing machine?

WASHER RECONDITIONED Your washing machine can harbor multitudes of nasty germs. more bacteria then the average toilet. Dr. Chuck Gerba is a microbiologist at the University of Arizona told CBS News, "That's why you never want to do your underwear with your handkerchiefs because your bacteria transfers back and forth. You'll be blowing your nose with what's in your underwear." The main reason is the smell. When they populate in your washer, it causes a foul odor to permeate from your washing machine. If there is a smell, there are germs. Also, they might be transferred to your clothes and will cause skin rashes to people with sensitive skin. This picture shows what can build up in your washer in only a few years. when you buy a used washer you are buying someone else's germs and bringing it into your family's health. That is why when you buy a washer from us you can rest assure it has been sanitized. The only way to clean a washing machine the right way is to take it all apart and pressure wash the whole tub and bleach it all out. we sanitize and recondition washers all the time for our customers, call us for your next  sanitizing and maintenance on any appliance.
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